Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown like 1, 2, 3, 4, .. 2012...!!!!

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all ..  ^_^

2011 had came to an end. Today is the end of the year and everything happened within this year are unforgettable. A lot of memories, sweet and bitter, good and not so good, surely will be left as a wonderful experience for me. If I'm going to list all of those things here, haha... that was a lot...!!!  ^_^

To sum up for 2011, I have learned that we should focus on ourselves for everything we faced because it will reflect to us no matter how big and small it is. We are the one who deal with the consequences. Siapa makan nangka, dia terasa getahnya. But jackfruit doesn't always like that, it sometimes give us pleasure through its fruit. But it is also like what Greyson Chance said in his song, " You're so afraid of taking chances, how you gonna reach the top..?? "   Hurrmm, sendiri mo ingat la kan..???  Well, take and apply what is good for us and make boundaries for every bad things, in order to be exampled not to do it again in the future. Everything is about the lessons and moral values...  ^_^

Left another few more hours to step into 2012, means I will be going back to IPG. New life, new degree and another new things..??? Keep waiting and will experience it. Gonna meet again with my best buddies, my friends, but leave my family here. Hate this feeling when I was hoping for it to reach the end and when it comes to an end, still wants for more ends...  >_<  Kind of will-be-missing-them-so-much feeling right now.

Packing, packing, packing...... 

Boommm....!!!!!!!!!  FIREWORKS....!!!!!!  ^_^

See you again next year...!!!  ^_^

Friday, December 23, 2011

Unfortunate me...

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera everybody...  ^_^

It's Jumu'ah.. and it is Friday.. Penghulu segala hari. We believe in Islamic saying that a lot of Barakah is in this day. We are encouraged to do good things as they will grant us with pahala. But it seems not to be like that for me. Today it was like,, just... hurmm, everything went wrong.

It happened when I was at work. How on earth I spilled the Milo ping that I've already made to be served to the customer. It fell down and splashed over my body, including my shirt and my track suit. My shirt got dirty and got sticky, (since it is really sugary..). Fortunately, we're are not busy at that time and it was almost our closing day. But being there with my dirty shirt and the stickiness really made me uncomfortable and embarrassing. Haa,, daydreaming while working is not good, focus on our work should be the priority and in line with conscious mind and wise brain. #Lesson for today.

Gambar Milo ping,
Sumber : Google

It's Friday and I started to count the days. Nearly 10 days more to go back to IPG. Some question mark are glittering right now in my mind asking about my pointer, hostel, my degree and maybe some new things to me. Well, I have to face it. Jalan mesti ke depan, bukan ke belakang...   ^_^

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I passed..!!!!

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera everybody..  ^_^

Yess,, from now onwards, I'll try to update my entry with English. Not try to be proud but this is my option, my profession who I will be one in future. "Kalau guru kencing berdiri, nanti pelajar tak kencing2 pula nanti sebab malu dengan cikgu yang kencing berdiri.." Hehee,, I know my grammar is not so good, roughly Malaysian grammar, and the way I speak also not so fluent, until my tongue got twisted, (and tempias air liur lagi tu..~~), but I'll try my best ya..??? I'm still learning and yet, we are still learning isn't it..???

Ok, such a long time I didn't throw my soliloquy here, (monolog dalaman ler tu..~~). It's holiday and the end of the year, December. I'm helping my mom at her warung  here, in Beluran. Just a waiter and work from as early as 6.30am - 2.30pm everyday. Super exhausted and I have met different kind of people, soooo many.... Even though I felt exhausted and faced many kind of problems, physically, mentally and emotionally, but I managed to survive...!!!! Yeah,....!!! Keep motivated..... ^_^ Plus, my time was filled with beneficial activities, and what I really meant here is that I don't waste my time just like that. At least I have something to do. But what have been worrying me is that I get fatter and fatter, chubby and chubbier... (chewahh,, kunun..~~) because of non-stop eating since the first day of holiday. Huhu,, dislike..!!!  (Takpa, next sem nanti akan berlangsunglah non-stop diet pla, since elaun xkeluar selama 3 bulan nanti kan..~~)

Actually, want to tell you all that I passed my foundation...!!! See my online result below :-

Haa,, can't you see that..??? KEPUTUSAN : LULUS..!!! That means I can continue on my PISMP ..~~ ^_^ 

 Soo... happy with my result because have been wait for it since we are afraid about it, (TESL from my batch knew about it right..??? That "AFRAID" word.. ^^). All in all, Alhamdulillah and my praises to Allah for the chances and opportunities.

Next thing, looking forward my degree year next semester. Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP) TESL Pendidikan Rendah (SK) Ambilan Januari 2012. ^_^ Huhu,, reach to that level means that I've to work 'harder'... !!!! Be more hardworking and mature... ^^

Ok, until then.. see you all in the next entry.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good bye PPISMP TESL, Welcome B.Ed TESL....

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua...  ^_^

By the time aku buat entry kali ne, jam menunjukkan pukul 2.30am. What..??? Aku belum tidur lagi? Yupss, aku belum tidur lagi sebab aku penat dah tidur... Heheh.. Bukan laa, aku baru siap kemas barang2 aku kat bilik ne. Cuti akhir semester da kan, guru2 KDC pun akan masuk hostel time cuti ne. Penat tau aku kemas bilik ne, kena kosongkan bilik. Sudah la penat, fening lagi aku mo kasi atur ni barang2 semua. Macam dalam PS3 suda aku mengemas barang2 aku ne.

Okla, barang pun dah siap kemas, (except ada sikit lagi ne, nanti la kalo mo balik suda..) sekarang online la aku jawabnya. Maunya tidur bah aku ni terus, tapi macam lewat suda.. (Haahh..??? Lewat..???). Tapi malaslah, sebab nanti mo kena kasi bangun Paceng dan Norman lagi, (classmates aku...). Dorg sama2 ngan aku naik kereta pergi Kota Kinabalu International Airport nanti. Ooyaa,, Aku balik naik flight, jam 7.00am, KK -  Sandakan.

Okla, cakap pasal cuti ni, Alhamdulillah.... Aku telah menamatkan Persediaan Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PPISMP) TESL Sem 1,2 dan 3. Hopefully result final exam nanti aku dapat keputusan yang baik dan lulus keempat-empat mata pelajaran yang aku ambil. Sekaligus aku dapat meneruskan degree, Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan TESL nanti bersama2 classmates aku yang lain.

All in all, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE...!!!!!! Dikesempatan ini, aku ingin meminta maaf la andainya diri ini pernah melukai, menyinggung, menyakiti, dan segala2nya terhadap sesiapa pun insan di muka bumi ini. Sesungguhnya yang baik itu datangnya daripada Allah itu sendiri dan yang buruk itu adalah daripada kelemahan diri saya sendiri. InsyaAllah, apa yang baik, kita teruskan malahan di perbaikkan lagi dan apa yang buruk, kita jangan buang. Sebaliknya kita buat sempadan dengan yang buruk itu agar kita dapat mengambil pengajaran dan iktibar daripadanya. Ingat,, pengalaman mendewasakan kita.  ^_^

Okla,, mungkin selama sebulan lebih cuti ne aku akan kurang kerap online due to internat connection... So, anything just inform me through e-mail, PM, Message, SMS, or phone call.

- Good bye Bilik 101,
- Good bye Kolej Kediaman Jati,
- Good bye PPISMP TESL Jun Intake 2010 Group 1,
Good bye my Tutor, lecturer, friends,
Good bye my Senior, (and congratz for Sem 8..!!!  ^_^)
Good bye KK...!!!!!!!


- Good bye IPGK Gaya...!!! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Aku dan CEWEK....^_^

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam semua....!!!!  ^_^

Tetiba pula tergerak hati aku untuk update blog aku malam ni. Al maklumlah,, 2 paper exam dah selamat dilalui. ada 2 paper lagi menunggu minggu depan. Dah hujung tahun ne biasalah exam tu. Lebih2 lagi opsyen kami ne, TESL, sem ne baru ada exam. Overall, kedua2 paper tu alhamdulillah, aku dapat jawab dengan tenang dan semua soalan dapat jugak la di jawab. Expectable... Cuma paper Language Development jer la tadi. I'm running out of time. Tak sempat baca balik esei yang aku buat. Entah2 ada kesalahan spelling or grammar ke tak? By the way, alhamdulillah la sebab da buat yang terbaik. Next week la yang paling mencabar. Hujung minggu ne confirm dating dengan buku jer la jawabnya...

Korang perasan tak aku ada cakap pasal hujung tahun tadi? Apa maksud dia tu ar..??? YEAH..... HOLIDAY....!!!!!!!  ^_^ Gembira sangat cuti. 19hb aku akan balik Beluran, naik flight tajaan IPG yang first time aku ambil. MAS tu joo..!!! Free lagi... Another thing is that I miss my family sooo muchh..!!! Takpe2, tinggal dua minggu jer lagi. Sabar ye Rusman..~~

Ok, untuk entry kali ini, aku nak cakap tentang perkara yang orang matang jer (kunun) yang akan citer , iaitu KAHWIN...  ^_^ (mesti ada smile, hehee...). Huhu, buka jer fb, dengar kawan2 sebaya aku kahwin laa... tengok picture2 dorang kahwin laa. Aku tu kalau nak cakap jealous, tak la jealous sangat, (aduii,, kunun...). But when I think about them, and compare it with myself, aku rasa macam ada jurang sempadan yang berbeza sangat2. Ya lah, masa akan terus berjalan dan umur akan semakin meningkat. I'm 20 this year ar, dan melihatkan umur aku yang melewati usia 20-an ne,, aduiii seram juga aku.

Aku tak la juga desperate sangat nak kahwin ne, tapi memang itu perkara yang kadang2 akan tetiba datang dalam benak fikiran aku, (apatah lagi bila nampak gambar kawan2 aku kahwin kat FB...!!!!). Family pun seakan2 mendesak, selalu tanya sama ada aku dah ada cewek ke belum. (oK, seriously aku SINGLE sekarang, cheehhh pengakuan..  >_<) Aku dah naik bosan dah asal aku kol mak aku, mesti bukak topik tu, CEWEK....~~ .

Dialog aku dengan mak aku kat talipon : 

Aku   :  Assalamualaikum mak...
Mak  :  Waalaikumsalam nak, macam mana kau di sana? Sihat juga?
Aku   :  Sihat, mama? Dorang c Angah, Adik? c Nora?
Mak  :  Sihat juga... Apa kau buat sekarang ne?
Aku   :  Mau keluar p makan...
Mak  :  Ooo,,.. sama siapa kau keluar tu?? sama CEWEK mu ka..?
Aku   :  Arr..??? ndada la bha.. sama kawan bha ne, sama rumet...
Mak  :  Iya la tu, kenapa kau banyak pakai duit ne, kau belanja CEWEK mu ka..?
Aku   :  Mana ada CEWEK ku mak,,.. Ndada masa la mo belanja CEWEK,  (huisshh,,   
             jawapan mantop tu...!!!!) banyak yang mo dibayar bha, banyak pakai duit.
Mak  :  Bha, bagus2 sja kau di sana ar,, pandai2 jaga diri tu. Ingat pesan mama... Nanti besok mama 
             kirimkan duit...
Aku   :  Ok, ,... Tima kasih mak...  ^_^
Mak  :  Sma2, bha pigi la ko makan, Assalamualaikum...
Aku   :  Walaikumsalam....

Hampir setiap kali perbualan talipon aku dan mak aku sebijik macam tu. Aku x paham la mak aku ne. Sekejap kata "Jangan be'cewek2' dulu nak, pelajaran tu dulu penting. Be'cewek' dulu kau sama buku. Belajar dulu kau bagus2 nak." Tapi asal talipon aku, mesti cakap pasal CEWEK duluan. Huuhuu,, ok, aku dengar cakap mak aku.. Aku kan anak mama, hehee... Mesti dengar cakap mama, (trepping budak baik..  >_<). Tapi apapun, aku sayang mak aku.. Love you mom..~~~  ^_^

Huhh,, entry kali ne tak da kaitan dengan 11/11/11 ar... (padahal suda di mention, ada la tu kaitannya..~~). Aikk?? It is already... Tak la pula mengharap tiba-tiba datang kekasih hati esok nanti, oooppsss,, hari ini untuk mengabadikan tarikh hari ini, 11/11/11... (Cantik jo kalau jadi tarikh anniversary..  ^_^)  Huhu,, walau apa pun, tak kisah la hari apa... Yang penting apa yang kita buat pada hari itu... Buat perkara yang baik2 aja... Yang kurang baik itu kita buat sempadan okey..???

See you in the next entry,, babaii...!!!!!  ^_^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barang murah dan baju bola...???

Assalamualaikum dan salam ceria semua..!!!  ^_^

Yeahh,,,,!!!! Holiday mood.....~~~ semua orang suka kalau cuti, sebab tu la ramai yang balik kampung. Kami ada cuti Deepavali satu minggu woo.... Aku jer yang tak balik sebab nak study, exam is just around the corner. Selama 3sem aku foundation, sem ne yang aku ada exam. Haii,,,, keputusan mock exam aku kurang memuaskan, so aku kena work hard to make sure that I can score well in my final exam...

Tapi kann, cuti punya cuti, xbalik punya xbalik, study punya study,, huhu.... (sigh...~~~) Aku belum pun start ulang kaji. Asyik membuang masa jak. Jalan2, hang-out, online dan paling tidak pun berkurung kat bilik, xda buat apa2, (huhu, tido la tu...) Tapi xpa, masalah ini akan di bendung xlama lagi.... Aku akan start study...!!!!! Xnak jadi macam picture yang aku post semalam, (nak tau picture apa..??? add la aq kat fb..  ^_^)

Ok, enough with that introduction. Now, it is the time for me to talk about my entry. Ada dua benda nak cakap, BARANG MURAH and BAJU BOLA JERSI MALAYSIA.

Nak dijadikan cerita, barang murah ne bukan seperti yang korg fikirkan tu yer.... (ntah pa ke mende pun aku tak tau daa... ^_^) Barang murah yang aku maksudkan kat sini ialah semua la barang2 yang murah sepeti baju, aksesori, kasut, brg2 keperluan diri, makanan, dan semua la bha yang murah2.... Huhu, ada peribahasa kita cakap, "Alah membeli, menang memakai". Maksudnya, barang yang mahal kalau dibeli akan dapat tahan lama/ lama kita pakai. Tapi aku tak berapa setuju la ngan peribahasa tu. Pada pendapat aku la kan, xkisah la barang tu murah ka, mahal ka, apa yang penting adalah kepuasan diri. Sebab ada sesetengah orang yang amat mementingkan jenama. Semua nak pakai yang berjenama, international standard lagi tu, (no offence ok, I'm referring to myself...). Memanglah barang yang berjenama tu berkualiti tinggi, akan nampak lebih bergaya dan akan tahan lebih lama. But as for my personal opinion, it depends on the person itself. Kalau barang tu dipakai dengan cermat dan baik, dijaga dengan baik, mesti la barang tu akan tahan lama kan..??? kan3x..???? Sebab tu la kalau nak beli barang, biarlah yang berpatutan dengan harga, murah, kualiti dia baik, halal, dan made in Malaysia (huhu,, sokonglah barangan buatan Malaysia...!!!) Tapi janganlah obses dengan barang murah sangat sampai habis satu bandaraya Kota Kinabalu ni di ronda just to compare the price of one stuff that you want to buy. Lenguh kaki berjalan tu..!!! Atau terlalu beli barang yang murah, sekali dah pkai, esoknya dah rosak... Tak ke buang duit namanya tu. Biarlah kita beli barang yang murah, berkenan dihati, dan dapat dijaga dengan baik supaya tahan lebih lama. Jadi, pengajarannya di sini, beli barang biar berpada2... Jadilah pengguna yang bijak...!!!!!

Ok, second thing is Baju bola jersi Malaysia. Mesti korg pelik kan aku cakap pasal benda ne..??? Xdala, aku just nak citer dekat sini sebab hari tu, aku jalan2 dekat pasar malam (ntah aku pun xpasti itu ke nama dia) around KK tu ngan kawan2... Then aku ternampak jersi bola sepak Malaysia tu, yang hitam kuning dan yang biru merah putih tu.... kalau korg nak tengok, ne ha kat picture bawah ne.....

Guess what,,..??? Aku macam nak beli baju tu laa... ok, korg jangan gelak, kawan2 aku yang kenal aku mesti tgh gelak tu... sebab dorg kenal aku. Ok, fine.... Aku ne kaki bangku, xpndai main bola sepak. Kalau tendang2 tu boleh laa... (but I think kan, term "jarang main bola sepak" lebih sesuai dipakai rather than "kaki bangku"..  ^^). Yeah,, that's me, JARANG MAIN BOLA SEPAK....   ^_^  tu la yang peliknya, jarang main bola sepak dan langsung aku xikuti perkembangan semasa dunia bola sepak, (international I mean) while other boys yang sebaya dengan aku sentiasa xterlepas nak tgk siaran langsung bola sepak. But, not for me ... dorg semua ada kelab2 yang dorg minat, fevret dorg tapi aku xda. But that doesn't mean that I don't know anything about football ok..??? At least aku tau peraturan main dia, n sometimes aku tgk bola jugak kalau melibatkan pemain Malaysia, (support Malaysia bha woooo...!!!!!!) yang peliknya di sini, aku xberapa nak minat bola ne, tapi ada hati pla nak beli jersi Malaysia tu..?? napa ek..??? Sebab kan, aku ada baca satu majalah ne, dia cakap dalam almari pakaian lelaki kan, mesti ada at least, AT LEAST.....!!!! satu jersi bola, kalau bukan yang international punya club pun paling tidak jersi Malaysia, yang mcm kat gmbar td tu laa... and I was like, oohhh,, gosshh...!!!! I don't have any, even one..!!!!  @_@  Sebab tu laa aku plan nak beli, tambahan pula, baju tu nampak cantik jugak bila dipakai...

Huhu,, aku ne cakap pasal benda yang melibatkan duit jer kan..??? Hahah..!!!! Tu la sekarang xda duit bha  ne, tu la cakap pasal dua benda tu... Sekadar nak puaskan hati.. But no kidding, aku akan beli jersi Malaysia tu nanti. Dan aku pun dah siap buat budget plan daa... Huhu,, tggu elaun November keluar nanti, perhaps next week...  ^_^

Ok, see you all in next entry, bubye..!!!!  ^_^

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm sorry guys.......

Assalamualaikum and salam ceria to all....
Just so you know, I had type this entry 2.30 in the morning ok... huhu,, after I came back from watching movies.

Okla, straight to the point, aku tulis entry kali ini dalam Bahasa Malaysia jer ya... Bnyk nak tulis ne, hehee...

This was with regards to the title of my entry and specifically focused on my classmates of PPISMP BI Sem3 Group1, IPG Kampus Gaya....

Ni lah classmates aku..  ^_^

Hooorrayyyy...!!!!!!!!!!  ^_^

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and I am really2 sorry guys..... Aku minta mahap banyak2..... Sekali lagi, aku minta mahap.....

Aku minta mahap sebab aku tidak dapat untuk menjadi Ketua Opsyen yg terbaik untuk kelas kita. (huhu,, aku pun nak bwat special entry macam Kichy pernah bwat last sem...). Aku tau ini macam tiba2 jak tapi aku seriously minta mahap....

Aku sudah cakap kan aku memang xmau jadi K.O, tp tetap kena jgak. Hanya 7 undi yang menjadikan aku K.O . Aku berkeras hati pada mulanya untuk tidak menerima jawatan itu. Aku kata aku x pandai dan aku x dapat menjadi seorg K.O yg baik. Aku paham dan aku sedar, walau macam manapun aku tolak jawatan tu,  sooner or later, aku tetap akan menjadi pemimpin juga, seorg ketua yang bergelar cikgu di sekolah. Or maybe seorg yang akan memikul tanggungjawab sebagai seorg suami dan seorg ayah suatu hari nanti. Aku sedar akan itu semua. But it takes time for me to learn... bukan secepat ini. Ada pepatah mengatakan, kalau kita tidak mencuba dari sekarang, bila lagi..???? Tapi it depends on the time and the person itself kan...??? 

Aku sedar tugas sebagai seorg K.O bukan tugas yg mudah,, memang bnyak kerja... apatah lagi menjaga kebajikan kawan... I try to be the best for you all. Alert for almost everything... But macam yg aku cakap td, aku bukan seorg ketua yang baik... To tell you all the truth, aku xpernah pegang apa2 jawatan kat sekolah, AT ALL...!!!! That is why aku langsung x pernah merasai pengalaman sebagai seorg ketua. 

Aku xdapat menjalankan tugas dengan baik sebab bnyak sgt perkara yang aku sertai sepanjang semester ini. With all of the sajak, menari, nazam, my position, all of the performances, practices, studies, assignments, homeworks, revision, pressure and all that... huhhh...!!!!! Aku bukan pinta itu semua untuk datang kepada aku dan aku sedar aku boleh tolak itu semua. Alaaahh.... mesti ada yang pikir aku ne gila kuasa. Smua la mo diikut... Aku pun xtau kenapa, aku dah cuba untuk elak, aku bagi peluang dengan try to suggest other people's name but kena reject.... So, aku ikut jer la semua event tu, plus,, aku ada sebab tersendiri kenapa aku ikut event tu semua... aku nak timba pengalaman di samping mengatasi masalah nervous n gagap aku ketika bercakap di khalayak ramai...!!!!

Aku minta maaf la ngan korg semua sebab xdapat buat apa2 tuk kelas kita. Kelas2 lain semua dah buat baju kelas laa, hias kelas sampai dah jadi macam rumah sendiri, buat beberapa event namun, kelas kita langsung tidak ada apa2 perubahan. Aku minta maaf banyak2 ngan korg semua.....

Walau apapun yang terjadi, yang sudah tu sudah... Barang yang lepas jangan dikenang... Jadikan sebagai pengajaran, dan aku kini sedar setiap apa yang terjadi itu ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Aku harap kamu semua dapat bersabar, hanya tinggal saki-baki beberapa minggu jer lagi aku menjadi K.O tuk sem 3 ini, semester akhir foundation kita... Selepas ini, mimpi ngeri kamu semua akan berakhir...  So, di kesempatan ini, aku ingin meminta maaf sekali lagi kalo ada yang terkasar bahasa, terguris hati, kecewa, marah, benci, x puas hati, merajuk n semua la... Aku sedar semua itu salah aku atas apa yang terjadi... Whatever it is, you all memang the best and AKU SAYANG KORANG SEMUA....!!!!!!!!  ^_^

Okla, jangan sedih2 ya kawanku... marilah kita sma2 enjoy menghabiskan sisa semester akhir foundation kita ne... Focus on our final exam next month, and for sure success will be ours... Cheer up people..!!!! Good luck to all.....  ^_^

p/s: Entry ne xda kaitan ngan meeting K.O petang kelmarin ok, at least, dalam meeting tu, kelas kita kena puji sebab xda masalah berat plus kena puji rajin lagi... hehee...  ^_^

Just call on your brother when you need a hand, we all need somebody to lean on..~~

Friday, September 30, 2011

Chakk...!!!!!!! Ini satu kisah....~~

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua....

Huhu... lama dah aku menghilang, kini baru muncul semula... Seperti biasa, SIBUK adalah menjadi alasan aku. Biasalah, kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar. Kena terima, tambahan pula EXAM akan aku duduki November nanti. SIBUK la dengan assignment, homework, revision, and pressure dan bermacam bagai la...

Oleh sebab itu la aku x berkesempatan untuk mencakar2 kat entry ne. Dekat sebulan dah kalau aku x silap, kalo rumah dah bersarang2 dah ne (ke berkulat..??? ntah pa2 laa..).

Biasa kalo aku tulis entry, mesti ada benda special aku nak cakap. Tapi kali ini xda, aku xtau nak cakap apa... So korang dengar jak la aku merapu + membebel kat sini ya... Kalo suka, terus scroll ke bawah, kalo xsuka boleh close the tab.... hahah...!!!!!!!!!  ^_^

Selama beberapa minggu yang lalu, banyak benda yang berlaku, yang aku alami. Suka, duka, pahit, manis, masam, tawar, pedas, dan semua la bha.... Bak kata pepatah, "biasa la tu, ragam kehidupan" (is that included in our proverb...??? thinking..~~~)

First, sajak sempena Sambutan Kemerdekaan Peringkat IPGK Gaya. Again, aku bersajak lagi time tu. Dengan penuh bersemangatnya aku melaungkan bait2 puisi tu, (sebab xda microphone). Hampir terkeluar anak kerongkong aku bila aku melaungkan JEBAT...!!!!!! JEBAT......!!!!!! RAKYAT MUNGKAR, KONON MENYANGGAH BAGINDA....~~ Tapi agak terkesima seketika bila ada yang mengatakan suaraku agak ayu ketika bersajak.. Apakah suaraku x cukup garau...???? Huhu,, sowey lah ya,,.. Ini memang suara natural aku, suara ayu konon... hahah...!!!!!  ^_^

Next, I've already participated in Pertandingan Mengalun Nazam Peringkat Kebangsaan bertempat di Perpustakaan Negara, KUALA LUMPUR pada 26 Sept. 2011 yang lalu. (chehh, capital letter tu.. saja jer nak tunjuk2, nak aku ulang lagi..??? hehee...). Ya la bha kan, my first experience bha p KL. Yg dah tu dah laa... but aku langsung belum pernah menjejakkan kaki kat Tanah Melayu tu... Finally dah tercapai hasrat, plus pertandingan peringkat kebangsaan lagi tu... huhu,, pencapaian terbaik aku... But the sad part about that is aku langsung x dapat ronda2 KL tu, xda masa sebab sibuk berlatih. >_<  Tapi xpa, dapat tengok Petronas Twin Tower dan Menara Kuala Lumpur dengan mata kepala hotak aku sendiri pun dah cukup puas hati da... Selama ni tgk kat buku dan internet jer..  Owh ya, about nazam tu kami xdapat tempat... dapat saguhati jer... Ramai jgak IPG yang mengambil bahagian, ada 15 IPG kesemuanya. Walau bagaimanapun, tahniah la kepada yang menang, dan kepada yang lain2 tu, termasuk team kami, jadikan ini sebagai pengalaman and make sure next time give them a hard competition, hehee...  ^_^

Done with all that performance and competition, I thought that it was over... But then, been asked again to perform dancing and the Nazam again for GERKO Day on 12 Oct. Haha..!!! baru jer aku janji ngan lecturer aku yang aku xnak dah involve ngan mana2 aktiviti coz nak fokus untuk exam. Huhu,, dilemma sekali lagi. Dah la time tu kami Mock Exam, nak bwat revision, nak berlatih lagi... huhu.. really menduga keimanan... But I'll try la tuk balance it up with my studies... Doakan aku ya kawan2 semua...???

Huhh,, panjang sangat dah entry aku neyh... Actually banyak lagi nak citer tapi takut korag muntah pla baca entry aku ... So, aku tulis sampai sini jer la ya... Jam pun dah menunjukkan hampir pukul 12 tgh malam, waiting for September to ends.. ^_^ Citer yang setrusnya akan aku cakar kat entry yang akan datang... Have a nice and fun weekend to you all...!!!!  ^_^

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love August.....!!!!!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum n salam ceria....

Haa.... aku lagi....??? Yeah,, Its me... Sekarang aku ambil kesempatan ini untuk update blog, sebab aku jealous tengok kawan aku, Farhan Nezam ... dia duluan update blog dia dari aku... aku tak nak kalah....  ^_^

Hehehee,,, other reasons why I want to update my blog is that I miss you all....!!!! muah3x....!!!!  ^_^  And also I've already promise you all to make a special entry right...??? Its about..... 

Tadaa....!!!!! itulah dia, special entry aku... Wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin...!!!  ^_^  Its quite still early to wish but I need to because not so sure whether my bband can stand until the end of this month or not... If not, then again, can't online la for this holiday...

This month, a lot of things happen, puasa, my birthday, (coming soon, 28 August), hari raya, hari kemedekaan..... That's why I like this month, the month of August.... Just right now I received a text message from Celcom saying about my Bonus Hari Jadi. Happy....!!!!!!!!!!!  ^_^ I can call and text anybody FOC as long and as many as I want..... Anyone with Celcom UOX here..??? hehee.....  ^_^

Next is all about hari raya... already wish you all right..??? still early but meaningful... what...???? you want some more....???? 

Naahhh..... the special one... hehee,, David Archulata wishing you all a Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri..... 

And also........... 

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia pada 31 August 2011...... Theme for this year of our independence day is "1 Malaysia : Transformasi Berjaya, Rakyat Sejahtera" and don't forget ar,,, this is our 54th Malaysian Independence Day.... 

And last but not least, this upcoming 27 August, will be going back home..... all the way to Sandakan.....!!!!!  wanna give a hand to my Umi in baking cookies for Hari Raya before heading to Beluran.... Start to miss them all, can't wait for it.... a lot of things to do during Hari Raya, (not forgetting the assignment n homework...  >_<). 

Muka time sem1 neyh....  ^_^

The last honeymoon for me, wanna have a blast for this holiday,,... enjoy to the fullest, before get back to the real agenda of mine.... hehee....  ^_^

See you then,, bubye...!!!!  ^_^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

13 August, Left-handed Day......


Before I start, I wanna say 'SELAMAT BERSAHUR' to myself, juz finished my McDonald (Mc Chicken wif large fries).  Still early right...??? Juz consider it as my 'sahur', afraid can't wake up by 4.00am... Ahhh,, full oredy....

 This is what we called back to back, break my fast oso wif McD, sitting at the bench at Palm Square... All restaurants full wif customers. After that, watched movie entitled Horrible Bosses. For this movie, 5 STARZ....!!!!! The most funny scene is where the cat suddenly shocked them and...... ehhh,,  u all buy u'r ticket n watch laa.... for sure the best!

I dun even now there is a 'Happy Left-handed Day'... realize when my friend post that on FB. Yeah, I'm admit it that I'm one of them. Being left-handed, a lot of things to say... unique, special, dirty, and even 'cacat'. That's among the words been 'pop' right in front of my face. I dun blamed my mother for not correcting my fault since my childhood time. Plus, I'm so grateful for still able to write using my left hand coz there are people out there that dun have hands to used...!!! I dunno which part from my family that I inherit this left-handed things as whole part of my family are right-handed, even my parents.

20 years I have been using my left hand as a priority. I dun felt myself weird, others thought of it. But one thing I realized was that I found myself perfect when I'm writing using my left hand, in front of the mirror. Coz it reflects the image that I'm using my right hand inside it. Likewise, right handed person will felt themselves different inside the mirror,, or maybe AWKWARD.....!!!!!!

A lil bit unique things about me being left handed..... I'm using my left hand for all things that I do....ok, not all laa.... For some thing like eat by hand, I'm using my right hand but not when I'm using spoon...I'm still using my left hand. Then when holding a pen, a badminton racket and others were all by my left hand. Also when practicing warming up and cooling down before doing sports, I always start the movement wif left part of my body. Texting using my handphone also the same. The way I'm wearing my belt different from others. Basically, its all about left hand laa.... to make it short, hehee....  ^_^ It's all about my left-handed's life.....

But, there is also some exception... I'm using my right hand when holding mouse, wearing my handwatch, holding Quran, eat by hand, shaking hand and etc. Huhh,....confusing right...????  Those are among the special things about me, or maybe for some other people....

Orait, done my job for todays entry.... juz updating my blog, since haven't got the time.... See u all for the next interesting entry of mine, (if I got the idea...) hehee.... Luv u all...~~~  ^_^

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spontaneous Thursday.....

Hehehee.... kerja da siap da.... (huhh... consider siap jak laa....)
Expression.....????? Macam gmbr kat atas tu..... hahahaaa.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xtau apa nak bwat lg ne...Membuang masa jak.. Mata blum ngantok, gara2 "Western Sahara" (Topik for UN Security Council bsok....)
Kalo dilayan sgt mata ne,, xkan nak tggu smpai sahur pla.... Alamatnya xtetido la aq... Oooohhh,,,ckp psal sahur, aq blum masak nasi lagi..... 
Nak p masak nasi dlu....


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan.....

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.....

Yaaahhooo........bulan Ramadhan datang lagi... Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan.....

Bulan Ramadhan yg dtang pun bermaksud bermulalah ibadah puasa bagi umat Islam.... Menahan lapar dan dahaga, nafsu, dan segala bagai yang boleh membatalkan puasa dari terbit fajar hingga terbenam matahari, (wah, skema jawapan tuh...!!!) Di samping memperbanyakkan amal ibadah.... di bulan yg mulia ini....

Setiap kali tiba bulan puasa, aq mesti ingat benda ne.... sebab aq hanya akan makan benda ne ketika tibanya bulan puasa..... nak tau apa......????????


Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan 1432 Hijrah,, dan Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa kepada semua umat Islam sedunia....... Esok PUASA.......~~  ^_^

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aku Kena SAMUN....!!!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat 1 Malaysia semua... (ehh,, pelik plak frasa aku tu...)  ^_^

Haaaa......!!!!!!! Baru korg jumpa aq lagi kan...??? Hehehee.. sanubariku mengajak hatiku untuk meng 'atas tarikh kan' blog aq yg kebetulannya lama sda x hupdate.... Sbg teacher trainee ne, mmg bnyk kerjanya... blum lagi jadi teacher... huhhh.....

Aku pun mengambil kesempatan la utk update... korg semua msti rindu kat aq kan...??? choyyy....!!!!!! As usual, aq ada citer yg nak aq kongsi ngan korg semua...  ne citer benaran tau... xda tokok tmbah or unsur2 mitos di dalamnya... live dari aq ne....

Citernya begini,,, AKU KENA SAMUN...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhhhh....... Penat aq jerit.... @_@ X pernah skali pun dalam hidup aq terjumpa ngan org jahat yg paling.... apatah lagi penyamun.... 

Ok, kejadian ne berlaku kelmarin, 29 Julai 2011, (tarikh bersejarah aq la pasne...) selepas kami baru blik dari funfair. Kira2 jam 8.30pm la gitu.... Kami semua decide mo p Foh Sang, mo makan KFC la kunun, since kupon free tu tamat ujung bulan ne... Kami semua pun berjalan lah menuju ke Foh Sang itu dengan riang ria nya,,, berborak sambil ketawa2 dan tersenyum mesra, choyyy....!!!!!! Ketika berjalan, mataku tertarik ngan penunggang motosikal yg aq sngka senior, (mo angkat tgn la kunun, menegur....).. namun, malangnya,, bukan..... Sesampai nya kat satu kawasan tu, agak kesamaran gelapnya... Alangkah terkejut yg sikit lagi mo smpai tahap gilak babeng apabila ada satu motor tetiba terpacak depan kami... 

Penyamun 1 : heheheee.... apa,, apa...???? (nada yg agak keras...turun dari motor)
Penyamun 2 : hehee.... (ikut ketawa jgak, smbil mematikan motor..)
Penyamun 1 : kasi kluar dompetmu..!!! aik,, ko ingat aq main2 ka ne....????? (menghulurkan senjata)

Penyamun 1 tu terus menerus mengugut kawan2 aq... mereka trus jak jalan....jauh ke depan.  Aq pla, xtau knapa, aq tertinggal kat belakang. Aq sgt panik smpai xtau nak bwat apa.... (bodohnya aq time tu, tp seriously, aq sgt takut....). Dua org penyamun tu pun terus menghampiri aq...

Penyamun 2 : haaaa.... mari sini telepon mu....
Aku   : Apa ne,, jgn laa.... (suara ketakutan kunun....)
Penyamun 2 : Apa jgn2...??? sini capat...!!!!!
Aku   : eeeeeee..... murah jak telepon ne,,, CSL jak....
Penyamun 2 : aaaarghhh nda kira,, bagi capat....!!!! ko ingat aq main2 ka....???? Aq cucuk ne perutmu....!!!  (sambil menghunuskan besi keluli tajam betul2 depan perut aq...)

Pada masa itulah baru aq nmpak senjata penyamun tu... Sorg pkai screwdriver, yg sorg lagi pkai besi keluli tajam, (berkilat lagi tu jo...!!!! shining di mataku....). Aq mmg sgt takut time tu.... panik xtau mo bwat apa. Semua buah2 Silat Cekak Hanafi yg aq belajar tu semua aq lupa... Dua benda jak aq pikir time tu, Allah, mamaku n adikku.....  Tp aq still berkeras nda mo bg telepon tu ngan dorg.... Mujurlah kwan2 aq yg terlepas tu dorg sempat menahan sebuah lori yg kebetulan lalu d situ.... Rmai pla org kat dalam lori tu...

Penyamun 1 : uuiii,, mari la.. choww...!! ndada guna ne....
Penyamun 2 : cepat naik...!!!

Aq pun lari trus menuju tmpat kawan aq... Org kat lori tu pun nasib baik concern... menanya apa yg berlaku...  Dua org penyamun tu trus memecut laju sambil memaki2 benda yg aq x brapa dengar.... 

Selepas apa yg terjadi,, syukur la kami semua selamat.... xsangka perkara begini berlaku.. Tapi ada hikmah di sebaliknya.... Ini mengajar aq untuk lebih berani (I'll try arr...), berfikir dgn lebih waras, n sentiasa beringat2 dan berjaga2....

BE BRAVE....!!!!!

Oklaa,,... smpai cni jak laa... aq masi dalam proses menenangkan diri lagi nee... duduk terperuk  dalam bilik n aq xmo kuar p mana2........ trauma la sekejap.....  >_<   bubye.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sakit kaki, sakit siku, sakit badan....

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua...

Malam ne tetiba datang mood nak update blog, lama da x update. Kalo aq update blog, konpom la ada citer nak di kongsi tu... Tapi aq citer versi pendek jer laa, kalo aq citer full version, kang termuntah2 korg baca pla nti...

Ok, seperti minggu2 sebelumnya, aq menjalankan kehidupan sebagai seorang guru pelatih... Luckily aq dapat menempuh segala masalah, cabaran dan dugaan dengan profesionalnya... chewah..!!!! Mana dgn kena marah oleh lecturer, detention class, kerja rumah, my responsibilities, assignment, my financial.....arrgghhhh...!!!!!! suma la bha... nda pa, keep motivated... u can, if u think that u can do it.... (macam lagu pla tu kan..???)

Hari ne aq rsa semua satu badan sakit.... xtau la knapa, mungkin sbab cuaca (hujan bebaru ne...), ka sbab p funfair malam semalam... smpai mo termuntah2 plus fening aq.... Tmbah lagi ngan kuku kaki aq yg pecah, tersadung besi time jalan p KK Plaza... Aq x nmpk pun besi tu kat situ, pa lagi...??? Tersadung tahap gilak babeng aq, hmpir menyembah bumi... Nasib bek ada kawan aq tmpat berpaut. Kalo kat rancangan So You Think You Can Dance, konpom p final sda.... Tp sakit kaki aq ne, ya Allah,, tuhan jer la yg tau... Terhenjut2 aq berjalan kat CP td.... So, the moral of the story is, tgk2 la jalan kalo berjalan yek.....again..~~~

Hehehee.... aq da potong rambut baru...~~  First time gunting rmbut kat tmpat tu... Btw, I'm quite satisfied.... (sori, x smpat nak amik gmbr....)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Terbaik punya.....!!!!!!!!

Apakah mungkin genta purba kembali bergema
Lalu berulang sejarah dua zaman
Siapa tahu Raja Melaka bangun dari makamnya
Menghantar utusan pula ke benua China?

Antara bait2 sajak yg sempat aq tulis di sini yg masih terngiang2 kat kepala hotak aq ne... Alaa, saja jer tu nak promote.. hehee.. Already participated in Sayembara Puisi Berirama Merdeka 2011 Zon Sabah. Kalo part2 sajak ne aq xberapa nak expert sgt, tp bolehlah....  ^_^ Nak cari pengalaman la katakan...

Dapat teks sajak pd hari Khamis yg lalu  n punyalah kelam-kabut berlatih dgn lagu n all the props, mana nak cari itu la, ini la.... Sometimes, made me wonder.... Kerja kelam-kabut ne macam best jgak laa... walaupun extremely tired n depressed... Peringkat saringan kami passed, apa tidaknya, 3 kumpulan je yg ikut... xda sapot dari yg lelain.... Easily la p final... 

Adiwarna (team kami), bagambal ma c Ampal, (pengacara malam itu).

Overall, I'm very satisfied although we're not win at the first place. Give all my very best already, what else that I should expect..???? Apa yg penting, PENGALAMAN.... (n masuk TV jgak laa... hehehee...  ^_^) Another memories written in my diary...

Tapi yg paling best x lain dan x bukan makanan dya jgak laa... paling GRAND...!!!!! kalah 5 stars punya hotel....!!!! Banyak makanan dya, sodap2 lg tu.... nasib jak kat meja tu ada peserta dari kumpulan lain, (peserta dari sekolah yg aq x tau cmna nak sebut...)... Dari dinner dya smpai la desert... huhh...terbaik punya.... tmbah lagi kakak yg x henti2 menambah minuman aq.... BAIK PUNYA LAA....   ^_^
(ok, makanan pula TERhighlighted kat sini...)

Kalah atau menang, memang adat pertandingan.... sejak dari zman dinosour lg tu... (dinosour kalah ma meteor...  ^_^) tp kalo dah berikan persembahan yg terbaik, xkira menang atau kalah tentu akan rasa puas hati..... Xgitu SENDOPO...???? (sori ya, pinjam nama c sendopo kjap...)  ^_^

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Motivation mood....

Beautiful pictures develop from the negatives in a dark room.....
So if you see darkness in your life,,
Just be reassured that a beautiful picture is on its way...~~

Hehehe,,... Long time no see with you guys. Really2 miss all and every single of you, ching,,..!!!! So sorry for not updating my blog for almost 1 week. Huuhh you know, life as a student...

 Ok, now I want to talk about the beautiful quote above. Do you agree with me...???  Hehehee,, as for me, I couldn't agree more, as I've already experienced it for this whole week. Its good to have a problem because God only gives the hardest challenge to the person that He know they can bear it. Also, experience made us all going to be mature, as well as a lesson for us not to do the same mistakes again. Plus, with the best effort and the best attitude that we give, I'm very2 sure that we're all in the absolutely right way.... So, let us all find our beautiful picture...!!!!  ^_^

Hurrmm... easy to say right..???  Yeah, I know, not all the problems can be solved easily. Some of them take time and extra effort to overcome it. I have plenty of it. That's why consistency is needed. Keep trying until slowly the problems will be solve.

Whatever it is, it depends from ourselves too. We're the one who owns our body, not anybody else. If I, myself didn't want to change, no matter what way we trying to do, it is still can't be a success. Oh God, give me strength to bear with all of your challenge. Hopefully I'm the one who can face it with the way You want me to face it. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Freaky Friday.....

"Kuharapkan panas sampai ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah malam," hehee,, that's the Malay proverb that have been changed by me to suits with what actually happen right now, either the weather or the meaning of the proverb itself.

At the morning, during our lecture, I've done something. I did not even realize that by not doing what I'm supposed to do is  a serious mistake. It is obvious that is actually my mistake because not prepare something that I did not even realize for me to  prepare. And that became the issue of comparing our batch with the juniors. Yeah, I admit that I'm less alert about that but I really2 sorry guys... I did not even know, It's my mistake..... But, lets take it as a lesson for me and for us for the future so that we would not do the same mistake again. That's will makes us a better person.....

Allowance is out already....!!!!! Mood : HAPPY....  ^_^ Need to plan properly for my management of budget. After done praying, straightly we go to ..... what......???????? SHOPPING....!!!!!!! This time is not window shopping ok, I'm tired of that... This time is the real one,....  ^_^ But now,,,, really I cannot hold it anymore... Extremely exhausted + tired + fatigue... Its just like I want to meet someone that can fix the screw in my knees, walking from one place to another non-stop really  exercising my knees a lot...!!!! But, satisfaction gained,,,.... I managed to buy what I wanted and the most important thing is that, I managed to save  not a lot, but a lil bit of money, (heheheee....  ^_^)

Tomorrow is the time for me to 'berlenggang-lenggang kangkung' during the Larian 1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia. Finally I'm listed in Malaysian Book of Record...!!!! Heheheee... feelin' excited la pla......

Ok laa.... my eyes cannot hold it anymore, feelin' sleepy... My body really exhausted.... And my knees, like want to have a new screws... So, its time for me to sleep.... (plus with the raining... a perfect time to rest and sleep...)  Good night allz.....  ^_^

Friday, July 1, 2011

Natural Talent...????

Its a quarter after one and this is the right time for me to update this blog... (or I can't sleep yet..?? which one ar...hehee,,..) It is obvious laa, my eyes are not sleepy yet, you can look into my eyes, @_@.... can u see that...??? I'm not sleepy yet,, heheee....

Yeah, I'm not sleepy yet because 'that' thing, which is that memory... Hahahahaa...!!!! That memory is, sketching a bar graph. I have to accept the fact that as a TESL student, we have to do all this kind of stuff as Basic Mathematics is one of the elective subject for our course. Ok, back to that 'memory', sketching a bar graph. Maybe almost all of you out there didn't know that before I enter this IPG, I'm a pre-university student, (form 6). As you all know, Pengajian Am is the compulsory subject to take, even though I'm in the science course. If I'm not mistaken, Pengajian Am paper 2 involves graph. That is actually among the part that I don't really like because, you know..... so many steps that need to be taken.. huhhhh..... calculating, sketching, drawing, assuming and all that. But surprisingly, I always got full marks on that part in exam. That is what we called NATURAL TALENT..... (hahh,,really ar...??? I have that????  ^_^).

That is also what I have already finished, which is sketching a bar graph. We are going to present it tomorrow, ehhh.... today..... Dunno if I'm doing a right graph, but I've already used my NATURAL TALENT... hehehee..... hopefully correct la kan....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Burung-burung" .....

My day for today was a totally a mess... Its not that I have a totally miserable day, but it is just I've done something wrong, a little perhaps.... Luckily, I have a baby dragonfly right beside my laptop while I am typing my entry and that's enough to make me feel calm....  ^_^

Sleep very late last night and woke up early, (almost 9.00am, is that considered early...????) Still dunno what to do in the early week of my semester. Still free, but later.... we'll see about that... huhuhuuu.....

Ok, this time, I want to share to you all my story... Happen just when we 're on our way go back to hostel. Actually, in the morning, I and my classmates Momoy and Taty, have an outing.............................................................................................................................. OKAY.... frankly speaking, we're watching movie entitled KL Gangster.... Overall, that movie, 4 starz only....although that movie have sense of comedy, but still a lot of fighting,yelling and adventurous thing there. I don't really like that kind of movie,, to a certain extent.... but ok laa... I'm satisfied....

After that, we went for a shopping to buy our class' stuff. With a budget of RM50.00, we manage to buy many things and left about 50 cent if I'm not mistaken...Ok, let's put that aside, if I continue the story, it will not come to an end... So just skip that story ya....   ^_^

I want to tell one situation happened at the bus, on our way go back to hostel.... Guess what...??? we have been stopped by police officer...!!!! 

Police officer : Why is this bus so crowded...???
(Nobody answered... silent...)
Police officer : Where is the bus conductor...???
(The bus conductor come to him...)
Police officer : Who are using the "burung-burung"....???? Take out your "burung-burung".....

I'm just confused, whether the "burung-burung" is the IC or something else, Suddenly, the passenger beside me laughed and say, "Nah, this is my "burung",, with a 18sx meaning.....We laughed together but in a slow voice...  Then, Passenger X, (not a real name) show his "burung-burung" and he is being called to go off from the bus and got arrested I think.... Huhuu... that 'dokumen perjalanan' is actually the "burung-burung".... Huhhhh,,, just made me surprised.......   ^_^

I just wanna say a big thanx to my mom for giving me the chance to be the citizen of this nation....LEGALLY.....   ^_^

Because of..........

Here I am again.... hehee, its a quater after 1.00am right now... I don't know, I just felt like I don't wanna go to bed... I'm not sleepy at all. REASON...?????

-Because I already slept at 2.00pm- 5.30pm,

-Because I drank 1 mug of Nescafe White Coffee while typing my previous entry,

-Because tomorrow is holiday,

-Because my friend, Farhan sleep on my bed right now (don't expect me to sleep together with him, heheee. )

-Because I'm not tired at all, 

-Because nobody wishing me gud nite...~~~ (just kidding...)

-Because I'm still not slepy....

-Because I still don't want to go to bed laaa..... aiyaa.....

Almost 1.30am, what to do...????

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jari-jemariku bersuara.....

Ok, hari ini 24 Jun 2011, aku sedang duduk depan laptop, dengan secawan Nescafe White Coffee dan sedang membiarkan jari-jemari ini begitu lincahnya menari di atas keyboard...

Perenggan kat atas tu nampak lame kan...??? Iya, memang, mamai2 bha tu lepas tadi mengharungi kegelapan dunia. Tetiba blackout masa aku sedang main game, (hehehee... aku da jadi pemain game da sekarang ne...). Agak lama juga blackout tadi. Mujurlah dah on balik, bolehlah aku amik masa ne untuk update blog aku.

Minggu yang pertama dalam semester 3, the last semester for our foundation, agak ok laa... I start it a lil bit slow, since still in holiday mood, but going much better. Sem ne da tak boleh nak main2 da... Ada exam yang perlu ditempuhi, dah la paper Language description aku cuma cukup2 makan jer. Study3x Rusman...!!!!! Jangan malas...

Plus, aku jadi K.O lagi untuk sem ne. To tell you the truth, belum pernah lagi aku jadi K.O or ketua opsyen sebelum ne. Tapi memandangkan dah diberi penghormatan, aku terima jer laa... Apa yang aku harapkan ialah aku dapat menjalankan tugas aku dengan penuh berdedikasi dan bertanggungjawab. Chewah...!!!!! semangat pla anak Bugis ne.... hehee....

Junior...!!!!! Our junior are just finished their orientation week... Ehmmm3x.... dah jadi senior la katakan, senior setahun jagung... Agak weird juga bila kebanyakan junior greet aku whenever aku terjumpa dorang, since aku pun dah buat perkara yang sama last year...Dah ada junior ne kenalah aku act maturely sikit...

Jom Hebbooohhhh.....!!!!!!!!!!! Its tomorrow, ok... kat perkarangan Stadium Likas. Aku macam nak xnak jer pergi. Al maklumlah, selalu dapat tengok kat tv jer kan. Dah ada peluang aku kat KK ne, nak juga pergi. Tp bila pikir balik, I'm runnin' out of money...!!!! So, x dpt la nak pergi. Aku mengharap la sangat dia amik aku kat sini and bawa aku jalan2 kat sana. Kalo jalan ngan dia at least, tak payahla aku kluar duit, heheee.....Tp dia x reply pun... Alamatnya, menunggu la aku esok....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kisah Dongeng Rusman.....

Aku sedar,, aku tak seberapa, aku bukan siapa2..... Jika dibandingkan dengan mereka yang jauh lebih megah daripada diri ini.... Apa yang mampu untuk aku berhias, hanyalah hati yang ikhlas... terpendam dan tersimpan untuk dia yang sudi....

Belum pernah ku merasakan dipeluk dalam dakapan, Eratnya melindungi jiwa yang rapuh ini.... sanubariku memerlukan kehadiran seorang teman yang tulus mencurah kasih sepenuh hati...

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya, mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa... Dalam waktu sedu dan dalam waktu hiba, Ku harapkan dia rela..... Mencintai aku dengan seadanya, sanggup menerima insan yang tak sempurna sepertiku.... Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya KISAH DONGENG saja...

       THE END.....

Xtau la cmna Stacy nak nyanyi lagu tu... Edry Abdul Halim pun bingung ne... tebalik tunggang sda oleh jemari-jari ku..... heheee......   ^_^ but to tell u the truth, lagu ne mmg lagu sedih..... (eh, teringat pla kat V.I.P.).  Really get into this song.... Okla... nanti aq citer kisah dongeng aq yg betul2 in next entry ya... (eh, nama pun dah kisah dongeng,, apa pla yg betul2nya...???) tgk....??? kan dah aq yg bingung....????? Bha, ok la, until then.... kalo x, btmbah bingung lg nanti..... bubye....  ^_^

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aku x percaya sgt tangan kanan aku......

Pengalaman hari pertama kuliah tuk sem 3 ne, ok la... Hepi coz dpt jumpa kwan2 kmbali. With our new class, and new KO, (ooppss,, that's me, ^_^). I'l try my best to face every of my day with high motivation, (adedeh,, motivation lg tu...) responsible, as this semester we have exam and that exam is really important 4 us to achieve our first degree if we pass. KEEP MOTIVATED....!!!!!!!  ^_^

Okla, kali ne aq nak citer satu fakta menarik ttg diriku. Aq tetiba terbayang fakta ne (ceh, mcm serius je bunyinya tu...) apabila aq berbaring2 kat katil td.

Aq adalah antara insan istimewa yg ditakdirkan tidak boleh mengangkat benda2 berat. (mcm pelik jak statement aq tu, tp ini mmg kisah benaran ne...) Bukannya aq ne sorang yg lemah, tp ada citer d sebalik kisah itu sebenarnya......

Aq mula perasan hal ne apabila aq cenderung utk mengangkat atau mengambil benda berat  menggunakan tgn kiri. (eh,,, mmg la, kan aq ne kidal.....?????)  @_@  But seriously, kalo ada 2 benda yg sama berat aq pegang d kedua-dua tgnku, benda yg kat tgn kanan aq mempunyai risiko yg tinggi tuk jatuh... Nak dijadikan cerita, pada cuti semester,,, 3 minggu yg lalu, aq kerja kat warung mak aq. Tetiba aq disuruh menghantar order dua mee sup ayam. Konpom la tgn kiri dan kanan aq kena mengangkat kedua-dua mee sup ayam tu kan...??? Tapi apa yg berlaku, aq terpaksa meletakkan mee sup ayam d tgn kanan aq tu kat meja, aq hntar mee sup yg pertama. (kat tgn kiri aq), then baru aq kmbli tuk menghantr mee sup ayam yg kedua.... such a repeated work..!!!

Huhuh,,,, marilah aq bongkar rahsia ini. Actually, tgn kanan aq pernah terseliuh + terlipat ketika aq menyertai acara sukan sekolah, iaitu lompat jauh. Tu lah, telampau semangat betul kan mo melompat, smpai kaki aq boleh tergelincir dari papan lompat jauh tu dan menyebabkan tgn kanan aq salah landing. Punyalah sakit tahap gilak babeng time tu. Tuhan jak yg tahu. Lepas daripada insiden tu, seminggu aq demam n kedua-dua tgn aq bergegar + sakit selama 3 hari berturut2. Aq x p jumpa doktor, my mom yg urut tuk kasi betul balik urat2 tgn aq. Tp time dya urut tu, mmg aq x bleh tahan. Sakit sanggaattt...!!!!!!!

So, when next time korg nmpak aq x bleh nak angkat benda2 berat, jgnlah ejek aq lemah ka, lembik ka, sbab mmg aq x dpat nak angkat bnda2 yg tersgt2 berat. Tgn kanan aq x bleh nak percaya sgt.....heheee....  ^_^

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day,,,.... still.....

Nah.... rasain doh... almost 3 minggu blog aq lgsung x d sentuh. Xtau la pa kejadian, tp lpas aq wat spot check blog aq, mcm xda perubahan pun. Masih kekal keterunaannya sejak azali lg, follower x bertmbah, cuma bnyak yg tinggalkan komen laa...

CUTI..??? Its over laa... nak tau pa yg aq bwat time cuti...??? as usual, kerja kat warung mak aq. Aq ne mmg rajin la kalo korg nak tau, (chewah..!!!)

Ok la, citer ttg hari ne, aq taip entry blog aq kali ne berbekalkan lagu Nidji - Hapus aku. To tell u the truth kan, lagu ne mmg mengingatkan aq ttg dya. c dya yg mmg aq x jumpa setelah beberapa tahun lamanya. Dya tidak mati, dya tidak pergi, tetapi dya menghilang entah kemana sehingga aq langsung x boleh menyebut nama tmpat d mna dya berada. Walau apa pun sbab dan alasan yg dya berikan, aq tetap tidak akan marah kepadanya, kerana dya adalah AYAHKU..... walau dya adalah contoh yg jelas bagi kata2 " Menanti yg tidak pasti...", setiap hari kami sekeluarga menantikannya, ibuku digantung tidak bertali, aq yg kurang mendpat kasih sayang dan didikan drpd seorg ayah, namun aq tidak marah langsung. Malahan, aq ada satu harapan dan impian yg besar jika aq di pertemukan dgnnya suatu hari nti. Walau aq pasti yg dya tidak akan dpt mendengar jemariku ini bersuara, aq tetap ingin mengucapkan, " SELAMAT HARI BAPA..." 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Goodbye semester 2.....

Tadaaa...........!!!!!! Tibalah masa yg ditunggu2... The last day of semester 2 here. Packing was done already, and now I am extremely exhausted.

After class, we, (my classmates) decided that we go for futsal since we still have about RM250++ in our class funds. Nak menghabiskan duit klas la ne katakan. You know what..??? this is the first time aq menjejakkan kaki ke gelanggang futsal n kali kedua aq main permainan futsal ini. Satu pengalaman yg cukup berharga dan x dpt aq lupakan. Tmbah lagi aq main bersama rakan2 sekelas aq, sgt mengeratkan silaturrahim... Enjoy to the fullest la game td, and op koz, aq ada la jgak jaringkan gol... kalo x silap aq mcm 2 gol la aq jaringkan td..... Btw, enjoy....!!!!!!!  ^_^

Errmmm,, pa lg nak citer ya..??? Ketandusan citer da aq ne... Okla, aq tutup la lembaran semester 2 ne dgn 1001 kemaafan kpd anda semua jikalau ada tersalah kata, terkasar bahasa, terguris hati, aq minta mahap bebanyak. Lpas cuti 3 minggu ne, bermula semester 3 and you will see the real me, org yg akan jadi ulat buku, CHEWAH...!!!!  Dengan pelbagai tanggungjawab, huhu.. akan aq cuba sedaya dan sebaik yg aq mampu ya....

Semasa ketiadaan aq, blogger semua jgn nakal2 ya.... be good and keep motivated, same goes to me..... see you all in the next three week......!!!!!!! Babaii.......   ^_^

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just enjoy the show.....

Jam sekarang menunjukkan pukul 12.45 am dan aq masih lagi belum mengantuk tahap gilak babeng (dui, melampau jgak bahasa aq neyh...). Masih terbawa2 ngan semangat menyiapkan esaimen LDS aq yg merupakan esaimen terakhir aq d semester 2 ne (dudui, skemanya bahasa...). Tmbah ngan penangan Milo panas + Chipsmore sbg supper, wei, seriously, mata aq blum ngantok lg ne....

Semuanya da di langsaikan, bermaksud, aq hanya tggal menghabiskan sisa saki-baki hari2 terakhir aq di semester 2 ne. Free yg sgt thap gilak babeng ne, (haaa.... ne baru betul...). Means, tggal beberapa hari jak lg aq menapak di IPG Gaya ne, sebelum tibanya cuti balik kampung. Cuti 3 minggu wooooo.....!!!!!!!!   ^_^

Dan ini juga bermaksud bahawa aq akan terpinggir seketika (selama 3minggu) daripada alam maya. Facebook xdpat online, apatah lagi Blog. Harap blogger semua paham la yer ngan ke 'senyap' an aq selama 3 minggu ne. Al maklumlah, blum byr lg.... Al-bankrup gue skrg ne.....  >_< 

Start jer semester 3, baru lah blogger semua akan nmpk aq online. Kat mana2 je ada tu muka aq... And the most interesting part is, akan ada junior masuk sem depan....!!!! Bukannya aq bngga n minat mereka masuk kat sini, tp sekurang2nya title junior tu aq x pgang lagi laa.... Dorg da yg akan pegang. Merasa la jadi senior kpd 1 batch junior. Kalo ada pa2 pun, x la semuanya tertumpu kpd kami lg, coz da ada kedatangan junior... Dorg la yg akan jd mngsa lg, mcm yg kami alami time sem 1 & 2 ....

As for tomorrow, ada last even tuk our class... all that I want to do is ENJOY...!!!!!! nanti aq citer kat entry yg akan dtg ek, see you tomorrow,, babai.....!!!  ^_^