Monday, January 11, 2016

First entry twenty-sixteen.

Knock knock!
Assalamualaikum... How's life everyone?

Yeay! It's my first entry since December 2012. It's been a long time I didn't update anything on this blog. I found it such a waste where I had put so much energy, effort and time to create this blog and left unattended. So, since I have much a longer holiday (waiting for my SPP result), which I also not sure when it will be out, so here I am updating my blog.

Actually I didn't have any idea or anything special to talk about here. I want to make some changes toward this blog but I was kind of forgetting all the skills now and it'll be definitely take some time to sit and really focus on doing that. But due to the busy life (helping my mother at the school canteen as early as 1.00am till 4.00 pm weekdays, and at my mom stall on Sat and Sun during the daytime) made my schedule very packed. With a very limited time, I almost didn't have time for myself! Even to watch television. :( That explains why I didn't appeared online nowadays. Despite all the facts, I still curi-curi masa to do things I wanna do and to go online while chatting with my friends.

I need a weighting scale right now to prove the diet that I had been working since last year (well, December to be exact :P) showing progress. I need to look good during my first posting, during my convocation day and also to maintain a good health. Ohh, I miss my runs.

Just to fill in the time, boring tunggu result SPP yang belum keluar lagi, I followed and participated in the redemption of the Milo Ola Bola Sports Bag. Time to turn a rubbish into a sports bag! :)

Due to the tiredness while working, my younger brother and I couldn't continue the project of painting our renovated house. I swear to God that even painting the house was really tiring. Got ache in my shoulder and hands. Till I can't even sleep well at night to endure the pain. >_<

Patiently waiting 28 Jan to arrive because it is actually my first BR1M! 

Okay, well I think that's how my life looks like as for now. Saving the other thoughts for the next entry while I also working on posting many interested entry for my reader and follower.

Till we meet again, bye!