Monday, December 3, 2012

What was happening? For now...

Assalamulaikum and salam sejahtera everybody!

I swear to God that this was a shock! To me, to you, or to anybody who maybe even care about me. HAHA! Yeah, blogging again since had been disappeared and quiet for a long time. I don’t know, all of a sudden this feeling of “come on, update yourself on blog” came within in this middle of holiday. Plus, I found it funny when I read my previous previous previous entry.

Ok, its holiday now, reached the end of Semester two. But I rather define Disember, (generally HOLIDAY) is the day for me to work, helping my mother at her stall. And I swear again, it was really tiring. Woke up as early as 4.30am every day, (3.00am on Sunday) to prepare our stall and cook all those food for our customer in the morning. Closes at noon, usually 1.00-2.00pm. Not only that, work as a waiter, serving the food and drinks, cleaner, shop for the things to be used the next day, and as a “tauke” were just really tiring. To deal with customer lagi, well you know, yang cerewet nak minta puji, yang marah-marah, yang demand and many others. (tapi itu semua cakap dalam hati saja laa.. aku kalau depan customer muka suci bersih dan perangai sopan santun trep good worker tau! Haha.. )

Ok, another thing is I will be a tuition teacher starting today to teach my niece and nephew, Form two and Form 3 respectively next year. Without any textbooks or workbooks to be used, I was like.. hell, what I’m going to teach? Maths and English lagi tu. Hurmm.. Let’s start with Sifir and ABC… haha! ^_^

Next, the look of this blog will undergo a bit change; I also don’t know what kind of change that I want to make. Only have a short period of time to stay online because of the work. Tengokla apa yang dapat dibuat nanti..

So many things to write actually but as for now, enough la.. save the other thoughts for the next entry, hehe.. babaii.. (o_o)Y