Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Hidden Talent"

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all...

What else to say? Hurmm, done with all of the assignments, (except one to be submitted next Monday, which I already done it), and done with all of the UAK (Ujian Akhir Kursus), for this time being. ^_^ . More to come, MQA files, presentations, TESL Night, Final exams next month, dance practice, and Sambutan Hari Guru.

Organized! Perfectly in perfect! hahh, hopefully...

Ok, for this time, I want to talk about one thing which actually I already talked about this with one of my classmate, Dianne. Ni cerita lama suda ni Dianne, nda tau la ko masi ingat lagi ka? It's about hidden talent.

Do you know that in this world, there are people that can sing in a very confident/talented way as if there are so many people cheering, applauding and yelling for you? But singing with none of his voice came out? Syok sendiri la bha katakan... perasan retiss.. ('his'..??? no comment.) ^_* Hurmm, I know la my voice is obviously not so good. That's why la the way I sing is like that. Sounds silly right? But the most funny thing is when so suddenly your voice terkucil, then your voice heard by somebody else. Ohh, God.!! Troll face! That embarrassing moment been covered by coughing!

Ihsan Google image
A : You were singing just now?
B : No laa... just cute coughing..~~  @_@

Next thing is when you are lonely at your room, with only yourself. You start to dance, follow the rhythm made also by yourself, started to create steps all by yourself, feel it with closed eyes, dance enthusiastically, as if there are crowd in front of you. So suddenly, the door opened by someone, and you caught red-handed, (hahahh, dancing...) I mean like seriously, the feeling at that moment was like you did something which is really really wrong, crimes, murdering, you name it. Oh God..!!! What to do? With a blink of an eyes doing another thing. Exercising. Covered!  ^_*

#Funny... Laugh.. Embarrassed .. ~~  ^_^