Friday, December 23, 2011

Unfortunate me...

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera everybody...  ^_^

It's Jumu'ah.. and it is Friday.. Penghulu segala hari. We believe in Islamic saying that a lot of Barakah is in this day. We are encouraged to do good things as they will grant us with pahala. But it seems not to be like that for me. Today it was like,, just... hurmm, everything went wrong.

It happened when I was at work. How on earth I spilled the Milo ping that I've already made to be served to the customer. It fell down and splashed over my body, including my shirt and my track suit. My shirt got dirty and got sticky, (since it is really sugary..). Fortunately, we're are not busy at that time and it was almost our closing day. But being there with my dirty shirt and the stickiness really made me uncomfortable and embarrassing. Haa,, daydreaming while working is not good, focus on our work should be the priority and in line with conscious mind and wise brain. #Lesson for today.

Gambar Milo ping,
Sumber : Google

It's Friday and I started to count the days. Nearly 10 days more to go back to IPG. Some question mark are glittering right now in my mind asking about my pointer, hostel, my degree and maybe some new things to me. Well, I have to face it. Jalan mesti ke depan, bukan ke belakang...   ^_^