Monday, September 4, 2017

My kind of 6 C's in life.

Hey guys!

It’s been a while I didn’t update my blog. Today, I just feel like updating so here’s my entry.

I’ve read about an entry in a blog , mentioning about the 6 C’s in life. It really aroused my feeling as 5 of them were actually the one that I had achieved so far. They are CGPA, CAR, CAREER, CASH, CREDIT CARD, and CONDO.

Talking about CGPA, I achieved 3.73 (second class upper) in my degree of Bachelor of Teaching (Honours) Teaching English as a Second Language for Primary Education. 5 years and a half of studies at IPG Kampus Gaya, Kota Kinabalu was paid off. I’ll be expecting to further my study to a master level at UPSI, TESL course end of this year. I hope that I’ll be ready to achieve another good CGPA and perhaps getting first class degree this time, InsyaAllah.

Next, is a CAR. I owned a car now, Alhamdulillah. Although it is not under my name, (it’s under my mom’s company), but I’m in charge of paying the CCM so technically it’s my car, haha. It’s Perodua Axia Auto Standard G metallic silver. My mom bought it for me around August 2015. Since I started working on June 2016, I decided to take over the responsibility of paying the CCM. The fact that I was actually posted to an interior school, so I can’t drive my Axia to school. Therefore, I took the courage to drive my mom’s Mitsubishi Triton manual car. So technically, we’re just like change our cars with each other. I am driving the Triton, and my mom is driving the Axia.

After that is a CAREER. I thank god for granting me with a secure job as an English teacher at SK Bawang (K9), Beluran. I’ve been teaching there for 1 year and 2 months, after being jobless for 6 months. I had a quite difficult time there at first, until I met the Pegawai PPD to ask for a transfer to a nearer school. After two weeks, I can adapt to the situation and the environment of the school and I am really thankful for that. I will just continue on progressing to be a better teacher each day and complete all the works assigned to me successfully. Pray for me guys! 

It’s all about the money, money, money. The fourth is CASH. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki that you gave me Allah to live my life happily and comfortably. I started earning my first salary with the basic of RM2447.94. I once experienced money crisis early this year because I basically didn’t have a proper budget planning to organize and monitor my monthly expenditures. I spent the money uncontrollably on unnecessary things. So at the end of every month, or I should say before the next salary, I always running out of money. Luckily now I realized the importance of having a proper budget planning to help me monitor my monthly expenditures. Thanks book keeping cash book, helping me with those things. I managed to do some saving and save some money in my bank accounts before the next salary.

Next, is one of my guilty pleasure, a CREDIT CARD. I decided to apply for a credit card when I had money crisis. Nampak mcm nda ngam di situ kan? Haha! Yes, the reason that I apply for the credit card is for emergency cases. It’s a wrong reason but I advise you to not apply a credit card if you are a kind of a debt-y person. I owned a Maybank Visa Ikhwan credit card now and just used it once. Simple rule; use it and pay it immediately.

Last but not least is a CONDO. It’s a short form for condominium and basically refers to a place to live in. I haven’t unlock this achievement so far because my family had a house renovation last year. I have my own room now and our house is way much better and comfortable to live in compared to the one that can be aired in Bersamamu TV programme. But deep within myself, I hold on a dream to own my own condo in the future. Wish me luck guys!

Alright, I guess those are my kind of 6 C's in life and basically it's not just those things to achieve in life actually. There are still more to be figured out in order to make sure that my family and I can continue on living the life happily and comfortably here and the hereafter, InsyaAllah.


Monday, January 11, 2016

First entry twenty-sixteen.

Knock knock!
Assalamualaikum... How's life everyone?

Yeay! It's my first entry since December 2012. It's been a long time I didn't update anything on this blog. I found it such a waste where I had put so much energy, effort and time to create this blog and left unattended. So, since I have much a longer holiday (waiting for my SPP result), which I also not sure when it will be out, so here I am updating my blog.

Actually I didn't have any idea or anything special to talk about here. I want to make some changes toward this blog but I was kind of forgetting all the skills now and it'll be definitely take some time to sit and really focus on doing that. But due to the busy life (helping my mother at the school canteen as early as 1.00am till 4.00 pm weekdays, and at my mom stall on Sat and Sun during the daytime) made my schedule very packed. With a very limited time, I almost didn't have time for myself! Even to watch television. :( That explains why I didn't appeared online nowadays. Despite all the facts, I still curi-curi masa to do things I wanna do and to go online while chatting with my friends.

I need a weighting scale right now to prove the diet that I had been working since last year (well, December to be exact :P) showing progress. I need to look good during my first posting, during my convocation day and also to maintain a good health. Ohh, I miss my runs.

Just to fill in the time, boring tunggu result SPP yang belum keluar lagi, I followed and participated in the redemption of the Milo Ola Bola Sports Bag. Time to turn a rubbish into a sports bag! :)

Due to the tiredness while working, my younger brother and I couldn't continue the project of painting our renovated house. I swear to God that even painting the house was really tiring. Got ache in my shoulder and hands. Till I can't even sleep well at night to endure the pain. >_<

Patiently waiting 28 Jan to arrive because it is actually my first BR1M! 

Okay, well I think that's how my life looks like as for now. Saving the other thoughts for the next entry while I also working on posting many interested entry for my reader and follower.

Till we meet again, bye!

Monday, December 3, 2012

What was happening? For now...

Assalamulaikum and salam sejahtera everybody!

I swear to God that this was a shock! To me, to you, or to anybody who maybe even care about me. HAHA! Yeah, blogging again since had been disappeared and quiet for a long time. I don’t know, all of a sudden this feeling of “come on, update yourself on blog” came within in this middle of holiday. Plus, I found it funny when I read my previous previous previous entry.

Ok, its holiday now, reached the end of Semester two. But I rather define Disember, (generally HOLIDAY) is the day for me to work, helping my mother at her stall. And I swear again, it was really tiring. Woke up as early as 4.30am every day, (3.00am on Sunday) to prepare our stall and cook all those food for our customer in the morning. Closes at noon, usually 1.00-2.00pm. Not only that, work as a waiter, serving the food and drinks, cleaner, shop for the things to be used the next day, and as a “tauke” were just really tiring. To deal with customer lagi, well you know, yang cerewet nak minta puji, yang marah-marah, yang demand and many others. (tapi itu semua cakap dalam hati saja laa.. aku kalau depan customer muka suci bersih dan perangai sopan santun trep good worker tau! Haha.. )

Ok, another thing is I will be a tuition teacher starting today to teach my niece and nephew, Form two and Form 3 respectively next year. Without any textbooks or workbooks to be used, I was like.. hell, what I’m going to teach? Maths and English lagi tu. Hurmm.. Let’s start with Sifir and ABC… haha! ^_^

Next, the look of this blog will undergo a bit change; I also don’t know what kind of change that I want to make. Only have a short period of time to stay online because of the work. Tengokla apa yang dapat dibuat nanti..

So many things to write actually but as for now, enough la.. save the other thoughts for the next entry, hehe.. babaii.. (o_o)Y

Friday, May 18, 2012

My life as a TeSLian of IPG Kampus Gaya

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all... ^_^

Exam week, study, out of budget, disappointments, holiday, ; Just to sum up for the previous, current, and the next week. As always, a lot of facial expressions and feelings had been, and will be revealed, and I was like... face it, and move on.

Ok, moving on... I know today is another day in Another Rusman's Stories, and it obviously not a Wordless Wednesday, (eh, aku belum pernah buat entry wordless Wednesday lagi laa... ^_* ), but just want to post some photos here regarding my life as a TeSLian of IPG Kampus Gaya, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. "Proud to be a Teacher".

Picture entah ambil kat mana, lupa da. Lepas tu, cuba2 edit guna Photoscape.

PPISMP TESL & BC Jun Intake 2010 (last day of orientation)

My classmates, PPISMP TESL Sem1 Group 1

English Studies mystery party! PPISMP TESL Sem1 Group 1 & 2

Farewell party with our English Studies lecturer, Miss Eva, and our Tutor, Mr. Alvin together with Mr. Harold

Reader's Theatre Competition, organized by our batch, PPISMP TESL Sem2 Group 1, 2 & 3

Sponsored by our Language Description's lecturer, Mr. Syam, we were having our BBQ's party at Tanjung Aru Beach. (Me and my classmates also, PPISMP TESL Sem2 Group 1)

Together we stand, divided we fall...

Jump..!!!!  ^_^

Last day of our Language Camp, PPISMP TESL Sem2 Group 1, 2 & 3

Our dramatization, "Macdepp". The new adaptation of Macbeth

Dramatization of Macdepp succeeded, PPISMP TESL Sem2 Group 1, 2 & 3

TESL Night 'An Avenue Of Icon' 2011, me with my classmates.

TESL Night 'A Night Of Culture' 2012, organized by our batch, PISMP TESL Jan Intake 2012, Sem 1 Group 1, 2 & 3

School visit for EDU 3102 Child Development subject, at SK Bukit Padang. (PISMP TESL Sem1 Group 1) 

Our makan-makan, sponsored by our TITAS lecturer, Ust. Rapihi. (PISMP TESL Sem1 Group 1)

So much for my Happy Ending... It's not an end yet, but actually more to come. Wishing you all good luck and keep holding on guys, we can do it! Man jadda wajada, wa man zaro'a hashod...

-Happy Teacher's Day- 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Hidden Talent"

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all...

What else to say? Hurmm, done with all of the assignments, (except one to be submitted next Monday, which I already done it), and done with all of the UAK (Ujian Akhir Kursus), for this time being. ^_^ . More to come, MQA files, presentations, TESL Night, Final exams next month, dance practice, and Sambutan Hari Guru.

Organized! Perfectly in perfect! hahh, hopefully...

Ok, for this time, I want to talk about one thing which actually I already talked about this with one of my classmate, Dianne. Ni cerita lama suda ni Dianne, nda tau la ko masi ingat lagi ka? It's about hidden talent.

Do you know that in this world, there are people that can sing in a very confident/talented way as if there are so many people cheering, applauding and yelling for you? But singing with none of his voice came out? Syok sendiri la bha katakan... perasan retiss.. ('his'..??? no comment.) ^_* Hurmm, I know la my voice is obviously not so good. That's why la the way I sing is like that. Sounds silly right? But the most funny thing is when so suddenly your voice terkucil, then your voice heard by somebody else. Ohh, God.!! Troll face! That embarrassing moment been covered by coughing!

Ihsan Google image
A : You were singing just now?
B : No laa... just cute coughing..~~  @_@

Next thing is when you are lonely at your room, with only yourself. You start to dance, follow the rhythm made also by yourself, started to create steps all by yourself, feel it with closed eyes, dance enthusiastically, as if there are crowd in front of you. So suddenly, the door opened by someone, and you caught red-handed, (hahahh, dancing...) I mean like seriously, the feeling at that moment was like you did something which is really really wrong, crimes, murdering, you name it. Oh God..!!! What to do? With a blink of an eyes doing another thing. Exercising. Covered!  ^_*

#Funny... Laugh.. Embarrassed .. ~~  ^_^

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour of IPG Kampus Gaya.

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all.

Ok, I know that this is a little bit awkward for I haven't post my entry here almost 2 month..!! Huhh, here I am and naa, I just keep it simple and compact.

What happen tomorrow? 

About Earth Hour
Earth Hour is a global initiative in partnership with WWF.  Individuals, businesses, governments and communities are invited to turn out their lights for one hour on Saturday March 31, 2012 at 8:30 PM to show their support for environmentally sustainable action.  The event began in Sydney in 2007, when 2 million people switched off their lights. By 2011, Earth Hour was being reported as ‘the World’s largest campaign for the planet’ with participation in 135 countries and territories across every continent, including the world’s most recognized man-made marvels and natural wonders in a landmark display of environmental action.

Again, for the second time, Earth Hour at IPG Kampus Gaya! 31 March 2012, 8.30pm.. Experiencing it for the very first  time is awesome! So, I just can't wait for it, for the second time. Want to congratulate my juniors and "iGayaEARs" generally, for the organizing. No doubt, they had done so many things. Hopefully it will be a success!

So, let us support this campaign by switching off all of the electrical appliances!

Happy Earth Hour..!!!  ^_^

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Worst Blog of the Year 2012.

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera everybody...

Last evening, I helped my senior in voting his blog to be "WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR 2012."  So, I started to have the glittering sign of "Heyy,, let's join this bro..!!!" I said to myself. Yeahh, you know, nothing to do this holiday plus with the non-stop waiting for our allowance to come out, I join this competition. Just for fun..  ^_^

Ok, gladly I want to ask all of you to vote my blog for category "WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR 2012." How to vote..???

1. Tekan banner kat atas tu,
2. Selepas anda habis sign up, tekan Category,
3. Cari Worst Blog of the Year, pastu tekan ,
5. Tekan Vote

Haa,, easy right..??? So, my perception, if nobody vote for my blog, it only give me two reason:

1. My blog doesn't deserve  the WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR, (meaning to say, it is good. ^_*)
2. Or maybe my blog is the WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR, until nobody wants to vote for it.

Ok, happy voting...  ^_^ Thank you... 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fireworks and wait, something in the air..???

Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera everybody..  ^_^

English: Independence Day fireworks, San Diego.Image via Wikipedia

BOMM..!!! BOMM..!!! BOOMM..!!! Fireworks everywhere...  my windows opened and I'm ready to watch that beautiful and SURPRISING fireworks. Yeah, Chinese New Year is tomorrow and usually it is like this. KK exploded here and there, like last year.

FireworksImage by bayasaa via Flickr

You know what, last night I wondered and thinking on why light moves faster than sound..??? Yeah, I know that it is Sunatullah  and  it was stated in the law of Physics but I really hope that sound can move a little bit faster than light. So, when the fireworks exploded, I have the time to watch it. Funny story for last night, I turned my head to my window for couple of time, (hundred of times actually, hehee..) to watch that fireworks. But I see nothing...!!! Because the BOOMM.!!!! sound heard after the fireworks had finished exploding. Sakit dah leher aku ni balik-balik pusing kepala tengok ke luar tingkap, tapi tak nampak apa-apa pun. But that was last's night case.  Tonight, haa.. different case.

Tonight, the beautiful and SURPRISING fireworks are everywhere. And it is sometimes near our hostel and I can watch it clearly right from my window. Sooo beautiful. And I keep on capitalized the SURPRISING word because some of the fireworks exploded almost near our location, made me shocked for almost everytime. Naah,, serves me right, nak sangat tengok bunga api kan..??? Dah la aku ni memang jenis yang lemah semangat, nasib tak melatah..  How lucky I am, just sit back in my room, facebooking, twittering, blogging, listen to the song Fireworks by Glee Cast, with a box of  HomeSoy drink, hehee.. relaxing..~~

Ihsan from Mr. Google

Ok, when I at my concentration of enjoying the firework show, suddenly I saw someting flying upwards slowly into the air. Don't know for sure what that thing is, but I guess it is just the Tanglung. They light up the Tanglung and set them up fly into the air. Also not so sure what the function of that Tanglung and the meaning beside it but I enjoyed watching it too..!!!  ^_^ Anybody can explain perhaps..???

Also Ihsan from Mr. Google

Next thing is, allowance is just about to come out. Probably on Thursday or Friday next week. Hopefully it is true because my list is ready to be completed..!!! Jiran-jiran sebelah bilik aku ni pun semua dah balik kampung da. I am wrapped here by loneliness. Once the allowance is out, then I will not stuck here at my room. Sure I will do something out there, I mean something that I really really really want to do it out there, hehee... Ooopss, assignment and homework..??? Esok-esok la baru buat, hehee... ^_^

p/s : baru join td, ada la dapat income sikit. hehee, just a beginner.

Ok laa.... See ya..!!!! and wishing you all for those who celebrate it, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR..!!!  ^_^

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera everybody...  ^_^

Another week of lecture. Started well, and I think that this semester will be tough. Like what our Ketua Jabatan said to us last morning that we need to improve our grammar, writing skills, vocabularies and so on all by ourselves. This is because most of the subjects that I have taken this semester are involving methodology in teaching. Below are the subjects that must be taken for PISMP TESL Sem1 :

TSL 3101 : Introduction to Linguistics
TSL 3102 : Literature in English
EDU 3101 : Philosophy & Education in Malaysia
EDU 3102 : Children's Development
WAJ 3101 : Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
WAJ 3115 : Bahasa Melayu Komunikatif 1
WAJ 3108 : Ko-kurikulum (Pengurusan)

#Lesson number 1: Good start and I guess it will be the perfect time for me to begin. I realized that I like to read a lot nowadays. Improvement..!!!  ^_^ Preparation before lecture the following day. 
#Lesson number 2: Meanwhile, I am so happy because things going to be as what I wanted, apart from allowance. Huhu,, need to buy books cost almost RM70 and our allowance is still not out yet. But I guess I can handle it at this moment. Sabar sebahagian daripada iman. 
#Lesson number 3: Other thing is just I managed to jog at Taman Rimba last Sunday..!!! Huhh,, that was an excellent achievement I have ever achieved!  Last time, went there was not to jog, but.... doing "other" thing,,.. Overall, exercise keeps you healthy, (in advance with losing weight..?? ). 

Gambar sekadar hiasan, Ihsan daripada Mr. Google.

Enough with all of the lessons. Now, I am thinking about somebody. Oh, darn so much..!!!! I miss him, them....  >_<  Ya Allah, Engkau peliharalah dia dan mereka di sana, sebagaimana mereka memelihara aku ketika aku masih kecil.

p/s: Aku masih frust dengan semut yg menghurung Nescafe Mild 3in1 aku petang td.. Masih penuh lagi tu,, xsempat aku minum...~~  >_<

See ya..!!!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Angin bayu membawa diriku
Sepintas lalu ku terkenangkan mu
Memori silam meresap malam
Kenangan bersama tersimpan selamanya
Walaupun kau pergi jauh dari diri ini
Cintaku masih bersemadi di hati
Keyakinan kita kan kembali
Menghidupkan semula janji bara cinta
Kita bersama mengejar mimpi
Terpisah sementara ku pasti
Suatu hari nanti cinta kita bersemi
Kembali menerangi mekar di taman hati
Walaupun jauh pandangan mata
Ku yakin kau kan tetap setia
Begitulah ku jua keikhlasan di jiwa
Dan cintaku hanyalah untukmu
Saban hari diriku menunggu
Khabar berita darimu di sana
Gerimis senja kembali reda
Kerinduan di jiwa kau jadi penawar
Rinduku padamu tak dapat ku terkata
Setiap saat waktu bagai terlalu lama
Bila kita kembali bersama
Hiduplah semula janji bara cinta
(repeat c/o)

Composer : Edry & Norman  
Songwriter : Norman 

That song "Untukmu" was brought to you by Feminin, group of Malaysian singers popular with that song around 90's. Yeah, I heard that song during our way back to campus from shopping, (or should I say buying and replacing my stuff which was been stolen by ????). Argghh, just forget about it. Let it be my another lesson not to left my things and stuffs at my room during holiday. Luckily it was just a few things been stolen,  (a few things..???  >_<). Huhh,, sad.

Oh, back to that song "Untukmu", there's a story behind it . During my childhood time, my mother said I like to sing a lot. I don't believe it because yeah, normally we did not remember some things that happened when we were still around 1-4 years old. Mine,, that singing part. Just wondering if my mother's story was true, I surely have my lovely voice now, (and a singer too..  ^_^). But, hurrmm.. not seems like that.  =_=" But after looking at the evidences, the photos taken and placed nicely in our family's album, I can't deny anymore. The picture of mine holding microphone with a hip-hop look, sang the song above. Hahah,, budak-budak la katakan.....

But what really matter is the lyric of the song. My heart was touched by the lyric. Reminds me of my family, my memories, my.......  hehe,, my all..  ^_^ Huhu,, lagu lama la katakan....

Ok, I guess for tomorrow, well technically this upcoming morning I will choose to wear a bit loose shirt for my first lecture  @_@. Ok, gotta do some preparation for tomorrow, (and I guess now is quite late already). See ya..!!!

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