Saturday, July 9, 2011

Motivation mood....

Beautiful pictures develop from the negatives in a dark room.....
So if you see darkness in your life,,
Just be reassured that a beautiful picture is on its way...~~

Hehehe,,... Long time no see with you guys. Really2 miss all and every single of you, ching,,..!!!! So sorry for not updating my blog for almost 1 week. Huuhh you know, life as a student...

 Ok, now I want to talk about the beautiful quote above. Do you agree with me...???  Hehehee,, as for me, I couldn't agree more, as I've already experienced it for this whole week. Its good to have a problem because God only gives the hardest challenge to the person that He know they can bear it. Also, experience made us all going to be mature, as well as a lesson for us not to do the same mistakes again. Plus, with the best effort and the best attitude that we give, I'm very2 sure that we're all in the absolutely right way.... So, let us all find our beautiful picture...!!!!  ^_^

Hurrmm... easy to say right..???  Yeah, I know, not all the problems can be solved easily. Some of them take time and extra effort to overcome it. I have plenty of it. That's why consistency is needed. Keep trying until slowly the problems will be solve.

Whatever it is, it depends from ourselves too. We're the one who owns our body, not anybody else. If I, myself didn't want to change, no matter what way we trying to do, it is still can't be a success. Oh God, give me strength to bear with all of your challenge. Hopefully I'm the one who can face it with the way You want me to face it.