Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fireworks and wait, something in the air..???

Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera everybody..  ^_^

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BOMM..!!! BOMM..!!! BOOMM..!!! Fireworks everywhere...  my windows opened and I'm ready to watch that beautiful and SURPRISING fireworks. Yeah, Chinese New Year is tomorrow and usually it is like this. KK exploded here and there, like last year.

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You know what, last night I wondered and thinking on why light moves faster than sound..??? Yeah, I know that it is Sunatullah  and  it was stated in the law of Physics but I really hope that sound can move a little bit faster than light. So, when the fireworks exploded, I have the time to watch it. Funny story for last night, I turned my head to my window for couple of time, (hundred of times actually, hehee..) to watch that fireworks. But I see nothing...!!! Because the BOOMM.!!!! sound heard after the fireworks had finished exploding. Sakit dah leher aku ni balik-balik pusing kepala tengok ke luar tingkap, tapi tak nampak apa-apa pun. But that was last's night case.  Tonight, haa.. different case.

Tonight, the beautiful and SURPRISING fireworks are everywhere. And it is sometimes near our hostel and I can watch it clearly right from my window. Sooo beautiful. And I keep on capitalized the SURPRISING word because some of the fireworks exploded almost near our location, made me shocked for almost everytime. Naah,, serves me right, nak sangat tengok bunga api kan..??? Dah la aku ni memang jenis yang lemah semangat, nasib tak melatah..  How lucky I am, just sit back in my room, facebooking, twittering, blogging, listen to the song Fireworks by Glee Cast, with a box of  HomeSoy drink, hehee.. relaxing..~~

Ihsan from Mr. Google

Ok, when I at my concentration of enjoying the firework show, suddenly I saw someting flying upwards slowly into the air. Don't know for sure what that thing is, but I guess it is just the Tanglung. They light up the Tanglung and set them up fly into the air. Also not so sure what the function of that Tanglung and the meaning beside it but I enjoyed watching it too..!!!  ^_^ Anybody can explain perhaps..???

Also Ihsan from Mr. Google

Next thing is, allowance is just about to come out. Probably on Thursday or Friday next week. Hopefully it is true because my list is ready to be completed..!!! Jiran-jiran sebelah bilik aku ni pun semua dah balik kampung da. I am wrapped here by loneliness. Once the allowance is out, then I will not stuck here at my room. Sure I will do something out there, I mean something that I really really really want to do it out there, hehee... Ooopss, assignment and homework..??? Esok-esok la baru buat, hehee... ^_^

p/s : baru join td, ada la dapat income sikit. hehee, just a beginner.

Ok laa.... See ya..!!!! and wishing you all for those who celebrate it, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR..!!!  ^_^

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