Thursday, January 26, 2012

Worst Blog of the Year 2012.

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera everybody...

Last evening, I helped my senior in voting his blog to be "WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR 2012."  So, I started to have the glittering sign of "Heyy,, let's join this bro..!!!" I said to myself. Yeahh, you know, nothing to do this holiday plus with the non-stop waiting for our allowance to come out, I join this competition. Just for fun..  ^_^

Ok, gladly I want to ask all of you to vote my blog for category "WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR 2012." How to vote..???

1. Tekan banner kat atas tu,
2. Selepas anda habis sign up, tekan Category,
3. Cari Worst Blog of the Year, pastu tekan ,
5. Tekan Vote

Haa,, easy right..??? So, my perception, if nobody vote for my blog, it only give me two reason:

1. My blog doesn't deserve  the WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR, (meaning to say, it is good. ^_*)
2. Or maybe my blog is the WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR, until nobody wants to vote for it.

Ok, happy voting...  ^_^ Thank you...