Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera everybody...  ^_^

Another week of lecture. Started well, and I think that this semester will be tough. Like what our Ketua Jabatan said to us last morning that we need to improve our grammar, writing skills, vocabularies and so on all by ourselves. This is because most of the subjects that I have taken this semester are involving methodology in teaching. Below are the subjects that must be taken for PISMP TESL Sem1 :

TSL 3101 : Introduction to Linguistics
TSL 3102 : Literature in English
EDU 3101 : Philosophy & Education in Malaysia
EDU 3102 : Children's Development
WAJ 3101 : Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
WAJ 3115 : Bahasa Melayu Komunikatif 1
WAJ 3108 : Ko-kurikulum (Pengurusan)

#Lesson number 1: Good start and I guess it will be the perfect time for me to begin. I realized that I like to read a lot nowadays. Improvement..!!!  ^_^ Preparation before lecture the following day. 
#Lesson number 2: Meanwhile, I am so happy because things going to be as what I wanted, apart from allowance. Huhu,, need to buy books cost almost RM70 and our allowance is still not out yet. But I guess I can handle it at this moment. Sabar sebahagian daripada iman. 
#Lesson number 3: Other thing is just I managed to jog at Taman Rimba last Sunday..!!! Huhh,, that was an excellent achievement I have ever achieved!  Last time, went there was not to jog, but.... doing "other" thing,,.. Overall, exercise keeps you healthy, (in advance with losing weight..?? ). 

Gambar sekadar hiasan, Ihsan daripada Mr. Google.

Enough with all of the lessons. Now, I am thinking about somebody. Oh, darn so much..!!!! I miss him, them....  >_<  Ya Allah, Engkau peliharalah dia dan mereka di sana, sebagaimana mereka memelihara aku ketika aku masih kecil.

p/s: Aku masih frust dengan semut yg menghurung Nescafe Mild 3in1 aku petang td.. Masih penuh lagi tu,, xsempat aku minum...~~  >_<

See ya..!!!

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