Friday, January 21, 2011

Do you know who I am...???

Who am I rite.....????? I don't even needed here. I know who I am, the quiet, shy, not so known, annoying, weak, not capable to do anything, not so brave, don't hav high confident level, hypocrite, and so many negative behaviour that I hav. sometimes i feel so awkward about myself.  I want to be like them, I mean, do everything that they want to do, as simple as that. no need to think that " what do they say when I do this..?? " Do you know that I always did that, always questioning myself until I dunno what to react and what to do.They easy to get going among themselves. but me..??? I dunno.... its not my desire to be like this. I juz born to it....

But what I like about myself is that I always keep changing and correct the mistakes that I hav done. the saying says that nobody is perfect. i'm really hold that saying.but that is not an excuse for me to be the best. I try, really2 I tried.... you don't know ....all u can see is the smile in my face, the cheerful and sweetness smile on my face. But inside it...???? I'm crying, in pain, regret, its just that i'm the only person in this world who felt that.

I'm still waiting for the times to come. hopefully soon..... where I can start a whole new fresh one. I dun want to hav a sad feeling here. I juz want myself  to realize what have I done, so that I would never overreacting. bcoz when i'm done that, it's really2 terrible for me. so b4 that thing happen, better for me to watch out and control myself. Also wait 4 the person who can really understand me, accept 4 who I am, and appreciate myself and support me in whatever condition......

~~ mengaban sda neyh.......  ^_^
~~nda pa bha, ambil sbgai iktibar, utk panduan d masa hadapan.....  ^_^