Saturday, January 22, 2011

Contest Gambar Tak Nampak Muka Paling Cool

I've been tag by Ellye Ornella to join this game and this game was created by  MissRafidah. For terms and conditions, refer here.

First of all, I want to join this contest bcoz I've been tag by my fren, and also juz to update my blog. I saw cool picture too, so that's why I want to join.....  ^_^

tadaaa..!!!!!!! inilah gambar x nmpak muka aq  yg  paling kool.... aq berdiri 3 dari kanan....mantap kan..??? boleh wat cover album da ne.....  ^_^

so klasmate aq,, n my beloved fren.. apa lagi,, anda suma di alu2 kan ikut contest ini.....  ^_^