Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a day..!!!

Today I've got a chance to update my blog.... juz to fill in the empty time that I hav. I've faced so many kinds of feeling today. HAPPY, RELIEVED, CHEERFUL, PEACE, MOTIVATED, OPTIMISTIC,and also SAD... maybe bcoz of I've faced so many things today..... So much fun with the PJ today. Although really feel tired, (bcoz of the penalty 4 not brought many newspapers,) we are told to jog, 2 round...!!!! But its okay 4 me, bcoz there is the benefit, losing my weight....!!! Compare to the first time I came here, I can feel the difference (in terms of the largeness of my stomach...  ^_^) Then, so much fun with the activity in PJ, playing with handmade newspaper ball....  ^_^

In class, I hav been surprised by the leaving one of my klasmate, Deborah. I've read her later and almost cried, but I juz hold on or else what would my fren say..??? huurrmmm..... try to act like a real man la kunun......  @_@ And then my another fren, Dyanne, she read the letter loudly to the class. She was crying, and that actually makes me want to cry... I dunno,... everytime I see other people cry, I feel like I want to cry too. But we hav to accept the truth that Deborah hav leaving us. She's actually sick, so she postponed her course. Really felt sad,, but 4 sure she will come back here again next semester.....

Juz right now... I can see *** look not felt really well.... I can feel it too... I'm sorry 4 the last thing that u want me to do..... its juz the time was not quite suitable at that time.....  I really miss  *** ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I always see u'r face everyday...... but always missing u....... please,,.. come to my dream tonight....... I wish u will be in my dream tonight,,... hhuuuhh,,..!!!! really felt exhausted rite now... so many activities and events this morning.. I want to sleep now.... AGAIN... I wish u 'll b in my dream tonite.....  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz